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Attractions in Rotterdam

"From boat tours, historic harbours, one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe till modern architecture which can be found throughout the city: Rotterdam offers fun attractions for everyone!"

Most famous attractions in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a whirlwind of activity with attractions attracting a lot of visitors from the Netherlands and abroad. The most visited attraction of Rotterdam is Blijdorp Zoo, one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe, where you can walk through the different continents of the world and see the animals in their natural habitat. You can easily spend a full day in the zoo with the beautiful Oceanium and Amazonica. Rotterdam is also known for the Euromast, the highest lookout tower in the Netherlands, which you will find on many postcards and souvenirs. From 185 meters you can see till The Hague and Antwerp on a clear day. Architecture lovers can visit the famous cube houses and the very popular market hall, where you can buy souvenirs and lots of Dutch treats. Both attractions are located opposite to each other in the Blaak area and therefore easily to combine during your visit.

Explore Rotterdam on a tour

Do you want to see as many sights and attractions as possible in a short period of time? There are several options to explore Rotterdam on a tour. One of the most famous attractions in Rotterdam is Spido, which takes you on a boat tour along the skyline to the port of Rotterdam. If you prefer to stay on land, you can take a tour with the historic tram Line 10 or with the Hop-on-Hop-off bus. Both attractions will take you to Rotterdam's most beautiful sights and attractions and you can hop on or hop off as often as you like. A fun combination of a bus tour and a boat tour is the SplashTours attraction. With this attraction you can take a tour on an amphibian bus, which first takes you through the streets of Rotterdam and then drives with a big splash into the river Meuse for a boat tour. If you want to take a boat tour with kids consider the Pancake Boat; while eating unlimited pancakes you enjoy the view of the Rotterdam skyline during this cruise. Inside the ship there's a playground for the kids.

More Rotterdam attractions

Have you always wanted to see a cruise ship inside? In that case visit the cruise ship SS Rotterdam, where you can join various tours and see all parts of the ship including the engine room. If you prefer football you can visit the Feyenoord Stadium, in Dutch also known as De Kuip, home of Feyenoord and the Dutch national football teams. During the stadium tour you will get close to the pitch and visit the changing rooms and the museum including the European cups and Dutch championships won by Feyenoord. In Rotterdam Kralingen you will find Trompenburg Gardens and Arboretum, a botanical oasis of peace in the city. But if you would like to be more active in a green environment then play a round of golf at Minigolf Parkhaven in the beautiful park of Rotterdam. Just away from the center of Rotterdam you can visit the impressive Maeslantkering, a huge storm barrier which protects Rotterdam from flooding. This attraction offers a fun tour where you can see the giant arms which can open and close the river from close by. Nearby the Maeslantkering you will find Futureland, where you can learn everything about the port of Rotterdam and do a bus tour or a boat tour to the port. This attraction is great for kids!

Attractions in Rotterdam with kids

When you are visiting Rotterdam with kids there are a number of attractions in Rotterdam which are great fun for families. One of them is Miniworld Rotterdam, an indoor minitiature city where you can models of the most famous buildings in Rotterdam and trains running through the city. Kids can enjoy a treasure hunt during their visit. Another nice attraction for kids is Plaswijckpark, which is a small theme park with fun and exciting attractions both inside and outside. In the center of Rotterdam you will find Kids Marina where children can sail in a boat through the canals in Rotterdam city center. This attraction is a great combination for parents who want to shop in Rotterdam. In 2018 a new theme park for kids opens in Rotterdam: Attraction park Rotterdam, a real theme park with exciting attractions! For more information on a family day out in Rotterdam, check out our page with the best attractions in Rotterdam for kids.

More things to do in Rotterdam!

Are you looking for more thrilling attractions? Take a look at our page about thrills in Rotterdam with some exciting attractions in Rotterdam for people who dare! Here you will find information about sightseeing flights, skydiving, climbing and other cool attractions. Or read more about sights in Rotterdam to find about fun things in Rotterdam which are completely free to visit like the historic Delfshaven and the Erasmus bridge! Culture lovers can visit one of the museums in Rotterdam where you see works of the old Dutch masters and learn about the history of Rotterdam. Read more on our page about museums in Rotterdam

Below you can read more about the attractions in Rotterdam. You can read more information about the attractions including their opening times, prices and contact information.


Book a boat tour through the huge port or a day trip to sights in greater Rotterdam.

Minigolf Parkhaven

Escape the hectics at Rotterdam city centre and play minigolf in the park under the Euromast.


At the exposition centre you can book boat and bus tours to the port of Rotterdam.

Pancake boat

Discover Rotterdam by boat while you enjoy all you can eat delicious pancakes!

Hop On Hop Off Bus

Take the hop on hop off bus tour through Rotterdam and discover some iconic landmarks.

Arboretum Trompenburg

Enjoy the peaceful green oasis at the beautifully landscaped botanical garden in Rotterdam.

Dok99 Bowling

Bowling alley and restaurant decorated in good old fashioned Rotterdam harbour style.

Kids Marina

Kids sail through the canals in downtown Rotterdam with little electric boats.


Explore Rotterdam

Discover the best attractions, have a look at the prettiest sights, visit some interesting museums and have fun at the best shopping areas in Rotterdam!

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Book a boat tour through the huge port or a day trip to sights in greater Rotterdam.


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Historical tram city tour

Experience old school sightseeing on board the historical tram line 10 through Rotterdam.

Cube houses

The museum cube house is open to the public. Be amazed by a house without any straight wall.

Hop On Hop Off Bus

Take the hop on hop off bus tour through Rotterdam and discover some iconic landmarks.

Kids Marina

Kids sail through the canals in downtown Rotterdam with little electric boats.