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Museums for Kids

Museums for kids in Rotterdam

Visiting a museum in Rotterdam with your children is not only great fun but educational as well! There are many museums in Rotterdam that offer special activities for children and all museums have a reduced rate for kids. In some museums, admission for kids is free! During the summer vacation kids get a high discount on museums with the special Rotterdam Discount Coupon Booklet.

Port of Rotterdam for kids

Most museums in this area focus on the big Port of Rotterdam. At the Maritime Museum Rotterdam, kids can learn everything about the harbour, guided by the funny Professor Splash. Kids learn to load and offload ships, move containers and cook in the galley. The Harbour Museum Rotterdam offers special activities for kids during the holidays and they can also join a sailor's party! At the Tax and Customs Museum children can attend an exciting smuggling tour.

Exciting museums in Rotterdam for kids

The Museum Boijmans - Van Beuningen offers many exciting kids activities, such as creating your own art, participating in a theatre tour and exploring the museum with a kids travel guide. At the Comics Museum Rotterdam your kids will meet their favourite comic heroes. At the Netherlands Architecture Institute your children can build their own creation with large blocks, play at interactive tables or participate in a special audio tour for kids at the Sonneveld House. The Natural History Museum Rotterdam offers a treasure hunt along the animals in the museum for kids of all ages. The Marines Museum Rotterdam also organizes special activities for kids during the holidays, but this museum is exciting anyway! Small kids can craft a dove of peace at the Fort 1881, where older children can participate in a survival treasure hunt.

Museum Rotterdam '40-'45 NU

Museum full of memories of World War II and the occupation of the Netherlands.

Marines museum

In this museum you can learn everything about the elite corps of the Dutch Navy, the Marine Corps!

The New Institute

Learn everything about modern architecture in the Netherlands at the New Institute in Rotterdam.

Natural History Museum

Discover how animals and nature live and see the skeleton of the huge Asian elephant Ramon!

Maritime Museum

Learn everything about the Port of Rotterdam in the past and present and admire the rare historic ships open-air at Leuvehaven.

Boijmans - Van Beuningen

Art from the middle ages till present with famous works of Van Gogh, Monet, Dali and Duchamp.


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