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"From cutting edge contemporary galleries to one of the oldest museums in the Netherlands, Rotterdam has a diverse collection of art and it’s not just confined to museums – you´ll find outdoor sculptures, installations and street art spread throughout the city."

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Top class museums in Rotterdam

When you visit Rotterdam it's definitely worth to visit a museum in Rotterdam. Rotterdam offers a wide variety of museums and permanent exhibitions and some of the museums in Rotterdam are internationally reknowned, but there are also lesser known specialized museums that are certainly worth a visit! Read eveything about the musea in Rotterdam which you can visit.

Museums in the Rotterdam Museumpark

In the Museumpark in Rotterdam center you will find a number of museums which are close to each other. When you visit one of these museums it's to combine your visit with one of the other museums. There's a special Museumpark ticket available which you can use to visit all museums in the Museumpark at a reduced price. Once of the most famous museums in Rotterdam, Museum Boijmans - Van Beuningen, is located in the Museumpark. This museum offers a wide variety of art ranging from the old master like Van Gogh, Monet and Dali to modern art. The main museum about architecture can be found in Rotterdam as well: the New Institute teaches you everything about modern architecture which you can find everywhere in Rotterdam. When you visit the New Institute you have also access to the Sonneveld house, a villa from the 1970's which included many modern features at that time. The Chabot museum is located in one of the most beautiful villas of Rotterdam and is dedicated to the Dutch artist Chabot. Here you can see paintings, drawings and sculptures of Chabot. The next museum in the Museumpark is the Natural History Museum. This museum has an interesting exhibition about flora and fauna in the Netherlands and one of the highlights is the huge skeleton of an Asian elephant. Last but not least you can find exhibition center De Kunsthal in the Museumpark. De Kunsthal was designed byt the famous architect Rem Koolhaas and hosts a variety of exhibitions which attract a lot of visitors.

Museums in the maritime quarter

From the Museumpark it's a short walk to the maritime quarter, which is still in Rotterdam center. In this maritime quarter you will find the Wereldmuseum (in English World Museum), where you can see an impressive collection of art objects collected from all over the world. The Wereldmuseum is located next to the historic Veerhaven harbour, where you can take the watertaxi to the Wilhelminapier located at the other side of the river Meuse. Here you can find the Dutch Museum of Photograpy, where you get a good overview of the work of Dutch photographers. Back in the maritime quarter you find the Tax & Customs Museum within walking distance from the Wereldmuseum. This museum learns you everything about collecting taxes from the past till now. Tax may sound boring but this museum makes it fun! 

More Museums in Rotterdam

Not just in the Museumpark and the maritime quarter but also in other parts of Rotterdam center you can find museums. Close to the famous cube houses and the old harbour you can find the Marines Museum for example. This museum is dedicated to the Dutch National Defense Corps, an elite corps travelling over the world. A little further in the direction of the shopping streets you will find the Maritime Museum, where you can learn everything about Rotterdam's port. This museum offers a fun exhibition for kids called Professor Plons. Another museum located in city center is Museum Rotterdam, just behind the city hall in the Timmermanshuis. This museum teaches you about the history of Rotterdam and its inhabitants. Museum Rotterdam has got another location as well in Delfshaven and you get a good discount when you visit both locations. The location in Delfshaven is called 'Rotterdam '40 - '45 Museum'  and is all about the second world war in Rotterdam with the ability to experience the bombs on Rotterdam. Another museum in Delfshaven is Shipyard De Delft, where you can see the reconstruction of the 18th century ship De Delft. Outside Rotterdam center a perfect combinaton with a day to the beach in Hoek van Holland you can find Fort 1881, where you can learn everything about the war and coastal defense. 

Visit Rotterdam museums with kids

Nearly all museums in Rotterdam offer a special program for children ranging from special exhibitions, workshops, kids parties to treasure hunts. See our page about museums for kids in Rotterdam for a complete overview of the best museums to visit with kids.

Discount on museums in Rotterdam

There are several options to visit the museums in Rotterdam with a discount. The Rotterdam Tourist Information office offers tickets with discount on museums, such as the Museumpark ticket for the musea located in the Museumpark, but also the Rotterdam Welcome Card, including public transport and disocunt on museums and attractions in Rotterdam.



Museum Rotterdam

Discover the versatile history of the city and its inhabitants.


Take some unique pictures at this reflective flowerpot shaped art depot of Museum Boijmans at Museumpark.

Tax & Customs Museum

Learn everything about paying and avoiding to pay taxes now and in the past.

Marines museum

In this museum you can learn everything about the elite corps of the Dutch Navy, the Marine Corps!

Fort 1881

Experience bygone war days at the coastal defense museum at Hoek van Holland beach.

Chabot museum

Museum dedicated to the Dutch artist Henk Chabot with many paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Dutch Photomuseum

View photographs and learn everything about the Dutch society during the 19th and 20th century.


Admire the art collection, enjoy lunch or dinner at the Michelin star restaurant and lounge at the pretty waterfront terrace.


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