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Discover the architectural highlights of Rotterdam

Architecture in Rotterdam


Rotterdam city of architecture

Rotterdam is world famous for its modern architecture which you can find anywhere within the city. Rotterdam is thus home to many design museums and leading architectural firms which are involved in the design of famous buildings and bridges in major cities around the globe. Rotterdam is constantly working on ambitious new architectural projects in and around the city to remain the number one city of modern architecture. This vibrant city is constantly changing and you can feel and see these changes all around.


The tallest buildings in the Netherlands

Once you leave the Central Station you will understand why Rotterdam is called the Dutch capital of modern architecture. The brand new Rotterdam Central Station is an architectural highlight and the Millennium Tower opposite to Rotterdam Central Station has the looks of the Empire State building in New York. The Delftse Poort building hast been the tallest office building in the Netherlands for a decade, but it has been surpassed by the impressive Maas Tower. In 2020, the impressive Zalmhaven Tower, will take the lead in the race of the tallest building of the Netherlands. This 215-meter tall residential skyscraper is located in the Maritime Quarters of Rotterdam. In the heart of Rotterdam city centre you can't miss the extraordinary Cube Houses and the Market Hall. The Brug (Bridge) office building is another architectural highlight of Rotterdam, because it is built at a height of 25 meters above an existing historic plant. The Shipping and Transport College is located in a stunning periscope shaped building! And don't forget to visit the UNESCO site Van Nelle Factory.


Architecture at Wilhelmina Pier Rotterdam

The skyline of Rotterdam with the Erasmus Bridge across the river Maas is a real eye catcher. The nearby Wilhelmina Pier contains lots of modern architecture and skycrapers, such as the Toren op Zuid (South Tower) which contains a matrix emitting green lights, the hypermodern New Luxor Theatre, the skyscrapers Montevideo, Maas Tower (the Netherlands tallest building), New Orleans and last but not least the Rotterdam Building, the biggest building of the Netherlands. The contrast between these modern skyscrapers and the historic Hotel New York makes Wilhelminapier a photo hotspot of Rotterdam.


Want to learn more about architecture in Rotterdam?

If you're interested in modern architecture, the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam is the place to be! Here you can learn everything about architecture and town-planning in the Netherlands. The NAI building has a striking design itself as well, just like the nearby Kunsthal, which is designed by the famous architect Rem Koolhaas from Rotterdam. You can also join one of the guided architectural tours through Rotterdam organized by ArchiGuides. Furthermore, the website contains much more information about architecture in Rotterdam.



Cube houses

The museum cube house is open to the public. Be amazed by a house without any straight wall.

The New Institute

Learn everything about modern architecture in the Netherlands at the New Institute in Rotterdam.

New Orleans

The tallest residential tower in the Netherlands with a height of 158 meters offers a spectacular panorama.


Enjoy the original expositions in this modern art museum, which is a typical example of modern Rotterdam design.

Erasmus bridge

See the Erasmus bridge, Rotterdam's landmark and the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world!

Central Station

The modern transport hub of Rotterdam with train, metro, bus and tram service.

Market Hall

Buy your fresh lunch at this one-of-a-kind indoor food market and enjoy the ceiling!

Van Nelle Factory

This former coffee, tea and tobacco factory in Rotterdam is now a UNESCO world heritage site due to its revolutionary design.


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De Rotterdam

This multifunctional skyscraper is the largest building in the Netherlands and contains offices, apartments and a hotel.

Maas Tower

The Benelux tallest office skyscraper with a stunning height of 165 meters!

Van Nelle Factory

This former coffee, tea and tobacco factory in Rotterdam is now a UNESCO world heritage site due to its revolutionary design.

New Orleans

The tallest residential tower in the Netherlands with a height of 158 meters offers a spectacular panorama.

Shipping & Transport College

The building of the shipping and transport college looks like a big periscope with a pattern of a big chess board.

South Tower

The KPN office building in the South of Rotterdam has a huge illuminated billboard showing colourful graphics.