Café Rotterdam Rotterdam

Wilhelminakade 699, 3072 AP Rotterdam


Café Rotterdam: great views

The outdoor terrace of Café Rotterdam, located on Wilhelminapier has got the best panorama of Rotterdam by far. Here you can enjoy a fantastic view over the river Maas and Erasmus Bridge. Café Rotterdam is located in the former arrivals and departures hall, the Cruise Terminal Rotterdam, next to the huge Rotterdam building. The history of this building goes back to the glory days of European passenger sea travel to America. The Cruise Terminal building has become industrial heritage due to its design that consists of six great arches. Under one of these arches Café / Restaurant Rotterdam is located. The hall behind the other five arches is used as a multifunctional space where now and then big parties take place, such as the popular FRANK after work party in Rotterdam.

Kitchen: InternationalFree Parking:No
Group bookings: YesLunch:Yes
Children: YesOutside dining:Yes
Business: YesWaterfront dining:Yes
Romantic: Yes

Image - 22 Jun, 2018 -

Christopher McDonnell

" Great establishment, great view, and Andre the bartender is most excellent!"

Image - 11 Mar, 2018 -

Omid Review

" Bad service! The guy servicing us in the restaurant was so angry, so if you prefer happy people to provide you foods and drinks, reconsider your choice and choose another place!"

Image - 13 Dec, 2017 -

phibb filipsky

" this restaurant tries to build up an exclusive atmosphere but in contrast to its interior design, the service completely fails to do so. for example when we wanted to place another order, cause we were out of drinks, the waiters simply ignored us (instead >chatting"

Image - 27 Nov, 2017 -

Gabrielius Varnelis

" Very disappointing! Despicable service! We had a group dinner last Friday and the service was very unpleasant. First of all, inappropriate communication about the food! The waiter told us that as we're getting a surprise dinner and we're getting something special. He took the order for drinks and almost forced to choose a drink without knowing what the food will be (we had white wine while they served us a meat dish). There was no indication what the menu would be, until a friend started to insist to know what they are serving us. Turned out that the waiter didn't know what is he going to serve... The only thing he asked was if we have any allergies, regarding food. He didn't care if there are vegetarians or vegans among us. So basically the girl that didn't hear him got served a lamb dish... Second, they were impolite. The staff was hanging around talking among each other while we had to wave our hands to get any attention. Ordering additional bottle of wine was frustrating task as they were not paying any attention to the customers. I asked for the drink menu for a change and the waiter seemed to bet bothered by it. After I got the menu they served the main coarse, but they still didn't take our order for the drinks. So I had to inform another waitress what I want to order. The whole time I had the menu in my hands... The arrogance of the waiter was obvious the whole time. Cuisine was good, however it seemed unfinished. The surprise dinner seemed to be a surprise for the cook too. Seemingly to over impress they lacked deeper thought. For instance the lamb that was served as a main dish got served with rather uncooked cold potatoes and glazed with caramel that didn't come together at all. The dessert was a mess of various sweets in a Martini glass. Ice cream not even cold. Servings looked cheep and the only person that had nuts alergy got a nice plate. Again ! Very disappointing! We paid more than 600 euros for horrible waiter, awful service and half decent cooking... This place doesn't deserve the location and the view!"

Image - 28 Sep, 2017 -

Martijn Scholtens

" Restraurant with a stunning view on the river Maas and Erasmus Bridge. Food is of high quality and thus a bit more pricey, but value for money is great. Very much worth a visit for lunch or dinner."

Eating out in Rotterdam

Rotterdam offers plenty of restaurants for a nice dinner or a good breakfast. In the summer you can eat outside!

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