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Harbour Tours in greater Rotterdam

Depending on the roundtrip you choose you'll have a minor or big Rotterdam port experience. The most popular Spido tour is the 75 minute Rotterdam Harbour Tour. This tour offers you a unique view of shipyards, docks and the hypermodern transhipping of thousands of containers. There is no need for an advance reservation. If you really want to explore the international port of Rotterdam you should take the Extended Harbour Tour or the Summer Evening Tour. During these 2.5 hrs tours you will experience the action of the international port and see shipbuilding and ships' repair companies, pipe layers, Roll On-Roll Off ferries, dry docks and the sight of millions of containers being transhipped. You won't forget this impressive trip in Rotterdam! Do make a reservation in advance.

Day Trips with Spido

If you're looking for the total package you can join one of the 6-8 hours boat trips to Maasvlakte 2 or to Willemstad.

Spido boat trip Maasvlakte 2
During this daytrip, Spido sails you to a brand new piece of reclaimed surface of the Netherlands: the Maasvlakte 2 Rotterdam port area. This boat trip takes you via the Nieuwe Waterweg channel towards the Maeslant storm barrier and Hoek van Holland beach, the Europort area and final destination Maasvlakte 2. At Maasvlakte, you can deboard the ship at the Futureland Rotterdam visitor centre with a view at Maasvlakte beach. Admire the new and dynamic port area from nearby. On your way back to downtown Rotterdam, you will see the port areas Botlek, Pernis, Eem, Waalhaven and Maashaven and of course the historic steamer ss Rotterdam. This Spido daytrip takes place every Tuesday and Sunday in July and every Thursday and Saturday in August. Also during the winter months, but not at regular intervals. Upon boarding you're welcomed with coffee and cake. Also a lunch buffet is included. The Spido Maasvlakte boat tour lasts 7 hours.

Spido summer boat trip Willemstad
During this Spido boat tour you will sail over the river Nieuwe Maas to the Botlek port area and you'll pass cities like Spijkenisse and Hoogvliet and national park Rhoonse Grienden. By the rivers Spui and Haringvliet you'll sail via the city of Numansdorp to the characteristic harbour of Willemstad. In Willemstad you will deboard to do an extensive city walk with a guide. After the visit to Willemstad, Spido takes you back to Rotterdam via the Moerdijk bridge and the historic city of Dordrecht. On your way back, you'll also see also the Feyenoord Soccer Stadium. You can book this Spido day tour every Wednesday in July and August. Upon boarding you're welcomed with coffee and cake. Also a lunch buffet is included. The Spido boat tour to Willemstad lasts 8 hours.

Package deals with Spido

For groups from 20 persons there are several custom made package deals available, for example to the Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier or Kids Party Packages. Furthermore there are packages to the New Luxor Theatre or Rotterdam Blijdorp Zoo.

Discover the port of Rotterdam with Spido harbour tours

Spido harbour tours are one of the best and most popular attractions of Rotterdam. The ultramodern Spido fleet takes you on a tour through the impressive port of Rotterdam, one of the biggest ports in the world! During the tour you will see huge vessels, busy harbour traffic and some of the best sights of Rotterdam. Spido is a great way to discover Rotterdam in a nutshell. On board the Spido ships you comfortably sit inside or enjoy the sun on the outside deck and take some one of a kind pictures!

Sail along the famous sights of Rotterdam

The Spido tourist vessels depart at the base of the impressive Erasmus Bridge. During the departure you have a stunning view on the bridge: don't forget to bring your camera! After leaving the quay, Spido sails along the historic Veerhaven and the Maritime Quarter with the beautiful World Museum. At the other bank of the river Maas, you will see the Wilhelmina Pier with the skyscrapers Montevideo and New Orleans and the famous Hotel New York. A bit further downstream, you can admire the Euromast panorama tower and the museum cruiser ss Rotterdam. Spido also takes you to the harbours of Rotterdam and you'll be in the middle of all the port installations within minutes.

Spido Moeders High Tea Cruise

Speciaal voor alle lieve moeders organiseert Spido de Moederdag High Tea cruise. Verwen je moeder met een leuke en uitgebreide havenrondvaart van ca. 2 uur en 30 minuten onder het genot van een van een heerlijk high tea buffet met diverse zoete en hartige lekkernijen. Tijdens deze rondvaart vaar je naar het Botlekgebied en zie je de enorme bedrijvigheid van de wereldhaven van dichtbij. Ook kom je langs imposante gebouwen zoals de prachtige Erasmusbrug, Hotel New York, de Euromast, het voormalige cruiseschip SS Rotterdam en natuurlijk heel veel wolkenkrabbers. Een leuke tip voor moederdag! Datum: Zondag 14 mei 2017 Programma: Inscheping vanaf 13.30 uur. Aanvang programma om 14.00 uur Einde programma om ca. 17.00 uur. Tarief Volwassenen € 35,00 p.p. Kinderen (4 t/m 11 jaar) € 22,50 p.p. Inclusief de rondvaart, high tea buffet en onbeperkt thee tijdens het buffet. Meer informatie vind je op https://www.spido.nl/tochten-cruises/moeders-high-tea-cruise

Beach Boys Dinner Cruise

Heb je geen concerttickets voor de Beach Boys op 5 juni 2017 kunnen bemachtigen? Spido biedt je de mogelijkheid om het bijna uitverkochte concert in het Nieuwe Luxor theater alsnog te bezoeken met voorafgaand een bijzondere 'dinner cruise' over de Maas. Stap aan boord van één van de luxe schepen aan de achterzijde van het nieuwe Luxor Theater. Hier word je door de bemanning ontvangen met een tropische welkomstcocktail. Volledig in sfeer voor het concert is er ook een uitgebreid tropisch buffet. Rond 19:30 meert de Spido aan bij het Nieuwe Luxor Theater en word je begeleid naar je eerste rangs zitplaatsen. Tarief volwassenen € 125,00 p.p. inclusief 1e rangs zitplaatsen t.w.v. €69 en een dinner cruise. Meer informatie vind je op https://www.spido.nl/tochten-cruises/beach-boys-dinner-cruise.

Vaders Haring Cruise Spido 2017

Op vaderdag organiseert Spido 's middags een gezellige cruise voor alle vaders en liefhebbers van ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’. Spido organiseert speciaal op Vaderdag een bijzondere en ontspannen middagcruise waarbij iedereen, maar de vaders in het bijzonder, kunnen genieten van diverse heerlijke haringhapjes. Aan boord kun je even langs bij 'Vaders Borrel en Bier stand' waar speciaalbier en borrels verkrijgbaar zijn. Als je je vader een origineel cadeau wilt geven is dit een lekker idee! Boarding op 18 juni om 14:00, Vertrek om 14:30. Aankomst om 17:00. Prijs €25,50 per persoon en kinderen t/m 11 jaar €13,50, wel even van te voren reserveren. Voor meer informatie zie: www.spido.nl/tochten-cruises/vaders-haring-cruise

Image - 23 Jul, 2017 -

Nawid Ahmad Ahmadyar

" If you want to make an unforgettable memories with your family, colleagues and loved ones, I would recommend you Spido to give you not only a tour of Rotterdam but more on the efforts of how its has come so far."

Image - 14 Jun, 2017 -

Christian Pffhsn

" Great tours of the Rotterdam Harbour. The 75 minute tour gives you a good impression of what the harbour looks like."

Image - 04 Jun, 2017 -

Daphne Deege

" Really lovely. Time time seemed to fly by. The captain however was a bit rough on the edges which made it slightly uncomfortable. But great tour, friendly staff and information given in 4 languages (Dutch, English, French and German)"

Image - 02 Jun, 2017 -

John Samuel

" Very good and fast water transport provided by the company at reasonable rates. I would recommend this ferry trip for the tourists those who are willing for the water ride."

Image - 25 Apr, 2017 -

The Legend Continues

" If you like water and boats I would really recommend this tour. You can enjoy all interesting facts about the port of Rotterdam on this boat tour and you also get really near the wharves, docks and the transhipping companies."

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