Museum Rotterdam

Rodezand 26, 3011 AN Rotterdam


Museum Rotterdam

Museum Rotterdam describes the history of Rotterdam and its inhabitants. You can learn everything about the rich history of the city and learn how Rotterdam developed from a tiny harbour into a modern metropolis. At the historical museum of Rotterdam (in short: Museum Rotterdam) you learn all about the history, present and future of merchants, dockworkers and citizens of Rotterdam. Museum Rotterdam also shows long term exhibitions titled 'Rotterdam people and their city', 'History of the city' en 'The new city'.

Museum Rotterdam Timmerhuis

The former locations of Museum Rotterdam (Schielandhuis and Dubbelde Palmboom) and the Las Palmas building at Wilhelmina Pier are closed due to a limited cultural budget of the city of Rotterdam. Museum Rotterdam has now a permanent location at the recently renovated Timmerhuis within the Meent shopping area, with its entrance at Rodezand.

Image - 30 Nov, 2017 -

Alessandra Micoli

" Very innovative and interesting museum, beautiful permanent exhibition"

Image - 02 Nov, 2017 -

Siwart Mackintosh

" If you want to know more about the culture and history of Rotterdam, this is definitely a must go!"

Image - 17 Sep, 2017 -

Yil L

" Not worth paying whatever they ask for it. I have a museum card and i even feel cheated. It's super tiny and there's hardly anything to look at. I was there to learn more about the history of Rotterdam and i fell short by a lot! I though the Museum Den Haag was bad but i think this is even worse. Nowhere near the Amsterdam Museum. Of course everything was set up nicely and there's a cafe but nothing makes up for the lackluster attempt of a museum. Needs a LOT of work this one."

Image - 02 Aug, 2017 -

Luca Trotter

" Quite a disappointing visit. The museum is small and most of it is only in Dutch. It doesn't actually tell much about the history of the city. It probably works well for school or other groups, but I would not advise it for tourists hoping to learn more about Rotterdam. Same goes for the WWII exposition on the Coolhaven."

Image - 13 Mar, 2017 -

George Papadopoulos

" Nice place to find out a little bit of history of Rotterdam, impressive to see how the city has changed over the years. Some interesting artifacts on display, nice touchscreen descriptions even though I do prefer the simple printed way. There is also a lot about the foreigners communities living in Rotterdam and their stories. Was lucky to see a temp exhibition on famous women of Rotterdam! "

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