Museum Rotterdam

Rodezand 26, 3011 AN Rotterdam


Museum Rotterdam

Museum Rotterdam describes the history of Rotterdam and its inhabitants. You can learn everything about the rich history of the city and learn how Rotterdam developed from a tiny harbour into a modern metropolis. At the historical museum of Rotterdam (in short: Museum Rotterdam) you learn all about the history, present and future of merchants, dockworkers and citizens of Rotterdam. Museum Rotterdam also shows long term exhibitions titled 'Rotterdam people and their city', 'History of the city' en 'The new city'.

Museum Rotterdam Timmerhuis

The former locations of Museum Rotterdam (Schielandhuis and Dubbelde Palmboom) and the Las Palmas building at Wilhelmina Pier are closed due to a limited cultural budget of the city of Rotterdam. Museum Rotterdam has now a permanent location at the recently renovated Timmerhuis within the Meent shopping area, with its entrance at Rodezand.

Image - 26 Aug, 2018 -

Ernesto van Diemen

" Nice exhibition about the holland america line"

Image - 05 Aug, 2018 -

Madalina Sultan

" I visited Museum Rotterdam earlier today, with my husband. I only had a classical hand purse, A4 format, and I was said I am not allowed to take it in, but leave it in the closet, at the entrance. I found it weird, since it was the very first museum with these rules, but ok. Then I remembered I had a watter bottle inside, and wanted to pick it with me, but I found out that also water is not allowed inside.  My husband got irritated and left, he refused to visit a museum which some strict rules, especially because we received no explanation. Just "these are the house rules!". I still wanted to see the museum and entered, but instead of being able to focus at the exhibits, I could only see the other woman visitors, wearing purses with a bigger volume that my bag had. I started to question the reason for which I was disallowed to take my bag in. So  I went to the entrance again, to ask for a better reason. I was said the reason was that bigger bags  like mine (A4) could break things in the exhibit. I personally find it to be an unbelievable answer. Then, what about the children strollers which were allowed inside? What about the water bottle? What about the older lady in the attached picture? Couldn't she break down the exhibit also, with her walking platform or with her bag? What is the difference between her bag and mine (second picture attached)? Overall, it was a very unpleasant experience. I only stayed inside for 10 minutes and I would not recommend this museum to anyone. I was given some very weird explanations, which did not seem to apply to other visitors. I felt that someone was afraid I could steal something from the museum, so I left Rotterdam with a bad taste."

Image - 03 Jul, 2018 -

Tanet Chantaket

" Small but has interesting exhibit in of the city. Only has 1 floor."

Image - 10 May, 2018 -

Hsu Andreas

" Nice place to enjoy this museum and collections...dont miss the kids ships playing oursides the museum...."

Image - 18 Mar, 2018 -

Ischa Judina Es-Skali

" Very nice little museum, especially for people from Rotterdam to see what the city looked like before the bombing with lots of water right in the centre but also great for others who want to learn more about the city's history and special character. Free lockers for coats and bags is also a plus and of course the easily accessible location right in the centre. If you have small kids it's also a great place to come play for a while as there is a big doll house, building blocks, train tracks and an arts and crafts table and my kids also liked the exhibition as it shows 'real' things they can understand."

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