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    200,000 visitors per month
    City Guide Rotterdam is the tourist website of Rotterdam and is visited by nearly 200,000 monthly visitors who watch over a quarter of a million pages on our Web site. About 40 percent of those visitors are from the city of Rotterdam, including suburbs such as Ridderkerk, Capelle a/d IJssel, Dordrecht, Delft, Zoetermeer, Schiedam and Spijkenisse. In addition, 50 percent of our visitors is from the rest of the Netherlands and the remaining 10 percent is from abroad.

    Get in touch with your target group
    The City Guide Rotterdam visitors are looking for information about attractions, shops, museums, hotels, B&B 's, restaurants, public transport, events, festivals and nightlife in Rotterdam. Our visitors are often locals who are looking for information about their city, but also tourists and day trippers who are preparing for their trip to Rotterdam. If our visitors also belong to your company's target group, City Guide Rotterdam offers interesting advertising opportunities.

    Your personal page on our website
    A great way to get the attention of our visitors is by creating your own sub-page on our website. We will write an article about your shop, restaurant, B&B, hotel, etc. of about 300 words in Dutch, English and German, photos included. At a non-recurring fee, your business will be permanently listed on our website.

    Listing on our events pages
    Another way to appeal to your target group is by posting your company's activities on our events pages. On our website we have event pages about Valentine's Day, Easter, Pentecost, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day and New Year's Eve in Rotterdam. On these days, most people want to be inspired and will find your activities online due to our high ranking in Google. At a competitive fee we will promote your activities like a Valentine's Dinner, Easter Brunch or New Year's Party among your target group for a period of one year. In addition, we will tell our Twitter followers all about your event.

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    Banner online advertising
    A further interesting commercial opportunity is to advertise through the use of sales banners. Banners are online ads, in which the content is determined by your business. Your banners contain images or text ads, which appear on our website and on which our visitors can click, after which they will be redirected to your company's website. On our website, there is space for placing five different banners, as you can see on the image on the right. These banners can be displayed on the entire Website, in a particular section, but also quite only on a certain webpage of your choice. Our banners are available per 1000 views, or maybe you prefer a specific number of views per month to bring your company message under the attention to your target group. In any case, we offer a suitable solution for every budget and if you haven't any banners yet, we can take care of this too.

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