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    There are many ways to travel around in and to get to Rotterdam. Some ways like the metro and train are very efficient, others allow you to do some sightseeing while travelling. Find the way to travel that suits you best using RotterdamĀ“s transport system. From metro to plane, from Tuk Tuk to a luxury cruise thereĀ“s way to travel for everyone! When you make use of the public transport you need to use a special travelcard called the OV-chipkaart.

    Getting There
    Getting There
    Many means of transportation lead to Rotterdam. Find out how to get there quickly and comfortably.

    Getting Around
    Getting Around
    Do you prefer to travel by bus, tram, metro or (water)taxi in Rotterdam or would you rather rent a bike?

    Parking Rotterdam
    Parking Rotterdam
    Find out where and when to park your car and how to pay in car parks and on the streets.

    Transport Chipcard
    Transport Chipcard
    All ins and outs on where to buy and how to use the Chipcard for public transport in Rotterdam.

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