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  • Parking in Rotterdam

    Cheap parking in Rotterdam

    Park and Ride, public car park or street parking?
    You're allowed to park your car in Rotterdam nearly anytime and anywhere. The easiest way is to park your car on the street at your destination, but public car parks in Rotterdam are usually a bit cheaper than street parking. In addition, in Rotterdam centre parking spots are scarce and you have to pay the parking fee in advance. During the major festivals in Rotterdam the city centre is often poorly accessible and if you must park your car in Rotterdam for a longer period, your parking expenses are getting pretty high. A cheap alternative are the Park and Ride areas just outside the city centre.

    Street parking in Rotterdam
    Parking on the street in Rotterdam is mostly free, except for the city centre and areas with a high parking pressure. Within the city centre it's hard to find a free parking spot during the weekend, but there are plenty of public car parks in Rotterdam. In Rotterdam you can't pay to park on the street by cash! Payment can be done in two different ways, namely at the parking meter where you have to enter your licence plate number or by mobile phone. The parking meters in Rotterdam accept electronic payment by creditcard or a standard EC cash card.

    mobile phoen gms parking in Rotterdam

    Pay to park in Rotterdam by mobile phone
    The number of parking meters will be reduced in the coming years and at the same time, payment by mobile phone for street parking is stimulated in Rotterdam. Currently you can already pay anywhere with your mobile. Just park you car and check-in and check-out your parking transaction with your mobile phone by calling a hotline, by SMS or through an app on your smartphone. The disadvantage of paying with your mobile is that you need to subscribe to this service in advance using one of the following providers: Yellowbrick, Park-Line, Parkmobile and SMSparking. Tourists can use the service as well and register their foreign license plate. Once registered you can use the service in many other cities in the Netherlands. In addition to the parking fees you will be charged a small fee of approx. €0,25 for checking in and out and the costs for using your mobile phone. The costs will be charged on your registered creditcard.

    Public car parks in Rotterdam
    There are many car parks in Rotterdam and so parking in the centre of Rotterdam is made easy. The parking garages are indoor and under camera suerveillance. Electronic signs show the number of free parking spots still available in the indoor garages in Rotterdam. In the Rotterdam car parks you can pay with cash, cash card or creditcard at the ticket machine when retrieving your car, so you never pay too much. The parking costs are calculated per x number of minutes. Unfortunately this number of minutes is different at  almost every car park, ranging from 15 minutes to an hour! Detailed information can be found on the page about parking rates in Rotterdam.

    Parking Rates
    Parking Rates
    Find out the rates and directions of all public car parks and street parking in Rotterdam city centre.

    Park and Ride
    Park and Ride
    Save time and money! Park your car for free at these parking lots in Rotterdam and continue your trip by public transport

    public parking rotterdam

    Parkings in Rotterdam City Centre
    If you want to park downtown close to the shops in Rotterdam city centre, you have a wide choice of indoor car parks. During the weekend, there are often long queues to enter the multi-storey car parks in Rotterdam city centre, so you might want to consider the use the Park + Ride parking lots. The car parks Beurs-WTCWTC-V&D, Lijnbaan, Beursplein, de Bijenkorf, Schouwburgplein and Kruisplein are located in the heart of Rotterdam. The Parkings Kiphof, Oude Haven and Sint Jacobsplaats are further away from the Lijnbaan shopping area, but close to the Rotterdam Market and Hoogstraat.

    park and ride rotterdam free parking lots

    Cheap parking Rotterdam: Park + Ride
    The P+R (Park & Ride) parking lots just outside Rotterdam city centre are available at a rate of €2 a day or even free, provided that you use public transport. The P+R areas in Rotterdam are always located at a bus or subway station and you are in downtown Rotterdam within a couple of minutes without any traffic jams. You only pay the ride with a special Travel Chipcard. Park and Ride areas might also be more expensive compared to parking in the city centre, because each passenger must pay for public transport. More information can be found on the page about Park and Ride areas in Rotterdam.

  • Rates Parking Rotterdam

    parking rates Rotterdam car parks

    Rates street parking in Rotterdam
    The parking rates in Rotterdam depend on the district and the parking pressure. You pay the highest parking rates to park your car in Rotterdam city centre. Depending on your location you pay a fixed parking rate of €3.33 or €2.50 per hour between 9 am. and 11 pm. Just outside the city centre you pay €1.67 per hour.

    Free parking in Rotterdam
    You can only park for free on the streets of Rotterdam at night from 11 pm. and 9 am. In some streets free parking already start at 6 pm. hours and on Sunday before noon. The exact fares and times are on the parking meters. Really free parking in Rotterdam is only possible further away from the city centre and on New Year's Eve, as the parking meters are closed to prevent vandalism.

    Rates public car parks Rotterdam
    The rates of public car parks in Rotterdam are all different, but generally parking fares are slightly lower than parking on the street. For the exact rate refer to the table above. In a public parking garage in Rotterdam, you pay also for the night hours, while street parking after 11 pm. is free. If you go out at night in Rotterdam, it's ofter cheaper to find a parking spot on the street. Most car parks in Rotterdam have video surveillance and a maximum parking rate of €28 a day applies.

  • MAP Public Car Parks in Rotterdam

    Below you find an interactive map with public car parks in Rotterdam that are open 24/7. You can zoom in and zoom out to have more information and the address of the car park for your car sat navigation.

    Directions public Car Parks Rotterdam
    These are the car park addresses in Rotterdam for sat nav pusposes:

    Car Park



    Alexandrium Q-Park

    Watermanweg 1a

    Alexandrium Mall


    Bloklandstraat 154

    Station North

    Beurs-WTC (weekend)

    Rodezand 19

    Shops Centre

    Beursplein Q-Park

    Bulgersteyn 5

    Shops Centre

    de Bijenkorf Q-Park

    Aert van Nesstraat 16

    Shops Centre

    de Boompjes

    Terwenakker 18

    Boompjes Promenade

    Boulevard Zuid

    Polderstraat 10

    Station South


    Willemsplein 2

    Erasmus Bridge, Spido

    Groot Handelsgebouw

    Stationsplein 45

    Central Station

    Ikazia Q-Park

    Casimirstraat 9

    Zuidplein Mall


    Kipstraat 177

    Blaak, Old Harbour, Cube Houses

    Kruiskade-Stad Rotterdam

    Kruiskade 21

    Old Luxor Theatre, Shops Centre



    Central Station

    Lijnbaan Interparking

    Crispijnstraat 6

    Shops Centre

    Maastoren Q-Park

    Wilhelminakade 1

    New Luxor Theatre


    Jan Scharpstraat

    Market, Blaak


    Museumpark 32

    Museums in Rotterdam

    Nieuwe Binnenweg

    Nieuwe Binnenweg 388c


    Oude Haven

    Burg.v.Walsumweg 718

    Blaak, Old Harbour, Cube Houses

    Proveniersplein P+R


    Central Station

    de Rotterdam


    New Luxor Theatre


    Schaatsbaan 33

    Central Station


    Schouwburgplein 22

    Cinema Schouwburgplein, De Doelen, Shops Centre

    Sint Jacobsplaats

    Binnenrotte 15

    Market, Shops Centre


    Siem Heidenstraat 6

    Cinema De Kuip, Feyenoord Stadium

    Weena Q-Park

    Karel Doormanstraat 10

    Central Station, Casino, Shops Centre

    Westblaak Abcoa

    Hartmansstraat 35

    Shops Centre

    World Port Center

    Wilhelminakade 981

    Hotel New York


    Leeuwenstraat 2

    Shops Centre

    Zuidplein Q-Park

    Twentestraat 10

    Zuidplein Mall

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    Car and Motorbike
    Car and Motorbike
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