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  • Metro Service in Rotterdam

    Rotterdam Metro: safe and swift
    The Rotterdam subway, which was was the first metro system in the Netherlands (since 1968), is a rapid transit system serving a large part of Rotterdam and neighbouring cities partially underground. It connects Rotterdam with suburbs like Schiedam, Hoogvliet, Poortugaal, Pernis, Ommoord, Rhoon, Spijkenisse and Capelle aan den IJssel. Recently, the dark blue line E, the formerly so called Randstad Light Rail, was added to the Rotterdam Tube System. which takes you all the way to The Hague. The Metro trains run very frequently and are ideal to cover large distances within minutes and without having to bother about traffic jams.

    Rotterdam Metro: Internet on board
    Free Wifi is available at most metro stations in Rotterdam, as well as on board the trains.

    Metro Map Rotterdam
    Click to see the full screen print version (.pdf) of the Metro Map Rotterdam

    The Rotterdam Metro System consists of five lines:

    METRO LINE A (green): WEST (Schiedam) - BEURS - NORTH (Ommoord)
    Schiedam Center - Marconiplein - Delfshaven - Coolhaven - Dijkzigt - Eendrachtsplein - BEURS - Blaak - Oostplein - Gerdesiaweg - Voorschoterlaan - Kralingse Zoom - Capelsebrug - Schenkel - Prinsenlaan - Oosterflank - Alexander - Graskruid - Romeynshof - Binnenhof

    METRO LINE B (yellow): WEST (Schiedam) - BEURS - NORTHEAST (Nesselande)
    Schiedam Center - Marconiplein - Delfshaven - Coolhaven - Dijkzigt - Eendrachtsplein - BEURS - Blaak - Oostplein - Gerdesiaweg - Voorschoterlaan - Kralingse Zoom - Capelsebrug - Schenkel - Prinsenlaan - Oosterflank - Alexander - Graskruid - Hesseplaats - Nieuw Verlaat - Ambachtsland - De Tochten - Nesselande

    METRO LINE C (red): SOUTHWEST (Spijkenisse) - BEURS - EAST (Capelle a/d IJssel)
    De Akkers - Heemraadlaan - Spijkenisse Center - Zalmplaat - Hoogvliet - Tussenwater - Pernis - Vijfsluizen - Troelstralaan - Parkweg - Schiedam Center - Marconiplein - Delfshaven - Coolhaven - Dijkzigt - Eendrachtsplein - BEURS - Blaak - Oostplein - Gerdesiaweg - Voorschoterlaan - Kralingse Zoom - Capelsebrug - Slotlaan - Capelle Center - De Terp

    METRO LINE D (light blue): SOUTHWEST (Spijkenisse) - BEURS - Rotterdam Centr Station
    De Akkers - Heemraadlaan - Spijkenisse Center - Zalmplaat - Hoogvliet - Tussenwater - Poortugaal - Rhoon - Slinge - Zuidplein - Maashaven - Rijnhaven - Wilhelminaplein - Leuvehaven - BEURS - City Hall - Rotterdam Central Station

    METRO LINE E (dark blue): Rotterdam Central Station - The Hague Central Station
    Rotterdam Central Station - Blijdorp - Melanchtonweg - Meijersplein - Rodenrijs - Berkel Westpolder - Pijnacker Zuid - Pijnacker Centrum - Nootdorp - Leidschenveen - Forepark - Leidschendam - Voorburg - Voorburg 't Loo - Laan van NOI - The Hague Central Station

    Metro stations in Rotterdam City Centre
    The main metro stations in Rotterdam center are 'Central station', 'Stadhuis' (City Hall), 'Beurs', 'Eendrachtsplein' and 'Blaak'. When you stop at one of these stations you are in the middle of all the liveliness of the city center. You can use the metro to visit all tourist attractions in Rotterdam or the sights of Rotterdam; there's always a metro stop nearby!

    Rotterdam metro hub connections
    Line D is connected to the lightrail called Randstadrail or line E, which runs to the Hague. Lines A, B, C and D intersect with eachother at Beurs station, the only underground interchange between all the different metrolines

    Rotterdam metro hub connection to the Dutch railway network
    The main underground metro hub is station Beurs. From here you can transfer between the lines A,B,C to the light blue line D.
    Direction The Hague

    For direction The Hague take the blue line E (equals Randstadrail). If you want to travel all the way to The Hague, it's faster to take the intercity train (24 minutes instead of 35 minutes) from Rotterdam Central Station.
    Direction Rotterdam Airport

    In order to get to Rotterdam The Hague Airport take the dark blue line E till stop Meijersplein. At Meijersplein you transfer on the airport bus line 50. The total trip time is about 25 minutes. However, the easiest way to travel to Rotterdam The Hague Airport is a direct bus connection from Rotterdam Central Station (bus line 33), a 28 minute ride.
    Direction Schiphol
    Take the train from Rotterdam Central Station or Rotterdam Alexander.

    A quick lightrail connection between Rotterdam City and The Hague. > Read More...

    Transport Chipcard
    Transport Chipcard
    All ins and outs on where to buy and how to use the Chipcard for public transport in Rotterdam. > Read More...

  • Tickets Rotterdam Metro

    Overview of Rotterdam Metro tickets
    Metro tickets must be purchased before entering the metro trains. Without the chipcard the entrance gates to the platforms won't open. For public transport in Rotterdam, a wide range of tickets is being offered. The bottom line is that for occasional trips, the so called 'disposable OV-chip card' is the most convenient and cheapest choice. All metro / tram / bus transport in Rotterdam is operated by the 'RET' company. You can choose from the following chip cards: 2 hours RET travel, 2 metro journeys and 1, 2 or 3 full days RET. However, if you consider one of the full day tickets and wish to visit some Rotterdam museums or Rotterdam attractions, the Rotterdam Welcome Card would be the best choise! Detailed information on the public transport tickets at the OV-Chipkaart page on this website.

    Rotterdam Metro ticket sales locations
    Vending machines are located at many locations in Rotterdam, for example in metro and railway stations, in some buses and in supermarkets or newspaper stands. You can also purchase chip cards online at the Rotterdam public transport company RET through Some specific transport chipcards are also valid in Amsterdam, by the way!

  • timetable metro rotterdam

    Timetable Metro Rotterdam
    The underground system in Rotterdam runs from early in the morning (around 05:30 hrs) till late in the evening (around 00:30 hrs). During the night you can use night buses or a taxi. During the weekend and public holidays the metro system is operated at a limited capacity, but still expect at least four metro trains per hour. For a detailed and up-to-date specific metro time table please refer to Furthermore, the website is a public transport trip planner for the Netherlands, that offers a door to door itinerary also using the Rotterdam metro.

  • MAP Metro Stations in Rotterdam

    At the map below you can see all metro stops in and around Rotterdam. Zoom in and zoom out to see the exact location of each of the stations.

    •     Metro  
  • CONTACT Metro Service in Rotterdam

    More information can be found at the website of Rotterdam's transport company RET or by visiting one of their sales offices.

    Website RET:

    At you can find a great journey planner for public transport including Rotterdam metro.


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    6 Aug 2014, Piet Cleyn, Koksijde 

    Het openbaar vervoer in Rotterdam, dat kan niet beter.
    Vooral de vele controles op 'zwartrijden' en op 'vandalisme' zijn heel goed. Als toerist geeft dat een veilig gevoel. Houden zo! 'De Lijn' bij ons in Vlaanderen kunnen heel wat bijleren van onz... read more »


    12 May 2014, P.Hoogmoed, Hellevoetsluis 

    Mis regels en tarieven meenemen fiets in metro. zegt hierover: Fietsen zijn niet toegestaan in bus en tram in metrolijnen A, B, C, D en E op maandag t/m vrijdag voor 09.00 uur en tussen 16.00 en 18.30 uur. Evenmin bij evenementen en bij grote drukte of op aanwijzing van RET medewerkers.


    13 Mar 2011, Robert van Tuijl, Cubelles, Barc. 

    OK, houden zo !!!

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