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Miniworld Rotterdam: a surprising attraction!

Miniworld Rotterdam (formerly known as Railz Miniworld) is the largest indoor miniature world of the Netherlands! You can see model trains, cars, boats, typical Dutch houses and and famous buildings from Rotterdam. This paradise for families with children and model lovers is definiteley worth a visit. Miniworld Rotterdam is like a smaller, indoor version of Madurodam, the famous miniature city in The Hague.

Imaginary coastal towns

Miniworld Rotterdam consists of a number of non existing cities and harbours which can be viewed at eye level. The first little town you'll visit is the imaginary town Marendam, a small coastal village with dunes, a pier with a lighthouse, a boulevard and a blast furnace. The inspiration of Marendam is based on villages like Hoek of Holland, Maassluis, Rozenburg and Brielle. When you walk along you come to the villages Leckenzijl, Sluishoek and Zeshuizen. These imaginary villages were based on cities like Brielle, Delft, Brielle, Ouddorp and Wassenaar. This part of Miniworld is all about water management and you can see polders, pumping stations and the famous  Kinderdijk Windmills.

Rotterdam suburbs and the port

Slowly but surely you get closer to the big city. First you visit the city of Hooghburgt, inspired by the suburbs of Rotterdam such as Schiedam, Vlaardingen, Capelle a / d IJssel, Hoogvliet and Spijkenisse. Here you can see underground stations, the St. Willibrord Church, the historic trainstation of Dordrecht and high speed trains. The miniature port area shows models of Botlek, Europoort and the Maasvlakte. In the harbour you will find large ships, cranes, containers, trucks, freight trains, the Caland Bridge and a real refinery.

Rotterdam in miniature

Finally you arrive in Rotterdam where you can find models of the Erasmus Bridge, Hotel New York, the new Central Station, the Hef lift bridge, the Ahoy venue, the Cube Houses, Rotterdam City Hall, the Lijnbaan, CHIO, the Laurenskerk Church, Delfshaven, Minigolf Parkhaven and the Euromast.

Historic Rotterdam

One of the fun things of Miniworld is that you can see some buildings, that no longer exist. The imaginary Miniworld still shows the Hofplein station and historic Delft Gate, which were both destroyed during Wold War II. Furthermore you can see the old Blaak train station, the former Maas Bridges and the train track through the city centre, which were all replaced by the current train tunnel.

Day and night in Miniworld Rotterdam

Over 100 model trains ride through Miniworld Rotterdam on a two kilometer track. The trains pass plenty of model cars and buildings and pass bridges and through tunnels. Many landmarks are interactive: push a button and you put something in motion such as a train or a music concert in the Ahoy venue. Every 24 minutes the lights simulate day and night. At night, the streets and snugly houses are illuminated by tens of thousands of lights. That looks great!

Miniworld Rotterdam with children

Mini world is a great experience for kids: there is a surprise or something funny to see wherever you watch! A World War II bomb is being dismantled, an angry truck driver destroys a convertible and a building is on fire. Even Pippi Langkous and the clowns Bassie and Adriaan are hidden in Miniworld Rotterdam! Kids can also participate in a quest to find hidden details or celebrate their birthday party in Miniworld Rotterdam.

Visit the work shop or take a guided tour

When you've seen all the models you can visit the work shop to see how the models are built or you can see how the miniature world is controlled from the command centre. Watch a short film about how the model railway was built. In the gift shop you can buy your own models as a souvenir to build at home. A behind the scenes tour takes you to areas which are normally not accessible to visitors. You have to book this tour in advance.

Image - 22 May, 2018 -

Alison Marvin

" Wonderful gem for kids from age 2 to 102! This is a big place with a whole world in miniature. I spent a rushed hour here because I had to get back to my conference; however, I could have easily spent two hours or more. Certainly, the kids will love it, as will adults who are kids at heart. Highly recommended. This is less than 10 minutes walk from the Rotterdam Central Station, so very convenient."

Image - 23 Apr, 2018 -

Geoff Wilson

" Absolutely awesome place. Scale model of Rotterdam. One can see the individual polders and dams. Brilliant lighting effects. Shows Rotterdam by day and night. I recommend this attraction to any visitor to Rotterdam. Child friendly in that there are platforms for children to stand on so they get a good view. I spent over 2 hours there and could have spent all day."

Image - 12 Apr, 2018 -

Effy G

" Attention to detail was impressive. If you look closely you'll see indicators flashing, cars and lorries turning, forklifts lifting etc. The city comes to life vividly through the cycling day, dusk, night and dawn. If you look even closer, you'll spot things going on inside apartments, Famous characters such as Superman flying across the city, Luke and Darts fighting with lightsabres behind a warehouse, the Citroën robot car dancing... So many little comedy moments. Ace We visited in October 2017 and the new great Britain area in the basement was only at framework construction phase. Looks impressive and hope it's up and running next time. Small cafe, and you're not supposed to bring your own food to eat there. There is a small lift for buggies, people who need it and wheelchair users. Good for 1-2 hours depending on the attention span / age of your group."

Image - 08 Apr, 2018 -

Cathy Marima

" I was a little confused on how to get in. The outside of the building really has no appeal to it and then you go inside wow. It was amazing. This is suitable for both men, women and definitely children. It gives you the whole of Rotterdam and Miniworld is not far from the train station."

Image - 29 Mar, 2018 -

Peter Owen

" Cool place. Fun for the family. They were adding another section when we went last so maybe it is done now. Good for a rainy day."

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