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  • Sinterklaas in Rotterdam

    Sinterklaas is visiting Rotterdam!
    Every year the Dutch fairy-tale figure Sinterklaas sails his steamer to the Netherlands and of course he arrives at the port of Rotterdam! The Sinterklaas' steamer is loaded with small presents for all children in the Netherlands, to celebrate his birthday. There is no better place to watch the boat arrival of Sinterklaas along the banks of the river Maas in Rotterdam. This event is great for kids, but mums and dads who still believe in fairy-tales are welcome as well! All Sinterklaas festivities in Rotterdam take place until his birthday on 5 December and after that he sails back to Spain, so the children can celebrate Christmas in Rotterdam.

    Route Sinterklaas Parade through Rotterdam
    Sinterklaas doesn't stay on board his steamer all day, because he wants to meet all children in Rotterdam. Once Sinterklaas has moored his boat at the Willemsplein quay (at Spido Harbour Tours), he rides his white horse through the streets of Rotterdam accompanied by a big parade. Sinterklaas helpers zwarte Pieten (Black Pete) join this big parade as well. All zwarte Pieten have their faces blackened with charcoal, as according to the fairy-tale they climb down the chimneys to deliver presents at the children's homes. These friendly and funny helpers do tricks, funny jokes and offer sweets to all children. After a big Sinterklaas Party at Willemsplein, the Sinterklaas parade in Rotterdam continues along Witte de Withstraat, Nieuwe Binnenweg, Mauritsweg, Aert van Nesstraat, CoolsingelMeent and Grotekerkplein in front of the Laurenskerk Church. At Grotekerkplein there's another big Sinterklaas Party for kids.

    Welcome on board the ship of Sinterklaas

    Kids in Rotterdam are so lucky, because the Sinterklaas boat (Pakjesboot 12) with plenty of gifts is moored at Leuvehaven, next to the Maritime Museum Rotterdam. On board this boat and see how Sinterklaas lives and works together with his helpers. You'll learn how zwarte Piet makes spice nuts and candy and discover the huge cargo hold with all presents for the kids. Also have look at Sinterklaas's bedroom! You can also meet Sinterklaas himself in his office. Visiting the Sinterklaas on board boat costs €8,50 each. Hot chocolate and a small gift are included. Please make an advance reservation first.

    Sinterklaas at big attractions in Rotterdam
    On Sunday 15 November at 3 pm Sinterklaas will visit Museum Ship ss Rotterdam. On Saturday 21 November, Sinterklaas visits the Euromast Rotterdam from 1 pm. Admission for kids: €3,05, adults €9,50. On Saturday 28 November Sinterklaas will show up at Kids Paradise Plaswijck Park in Rotterdam.

    Win kaarten voor de Pakjesboot van Sinterklaas in Rotterdam
    Maak kans op 2 vrijkaarten voor de enige echte Pakjesboot12 van Sinterklaas in Rotterdam! Kinderen in Rotterdam hebben geluk, want na aankomst van Sinterklaas ligt de enige echte pakjesboot 12 van Sinterklaas in de Leuvehaven van woensdag 30 november t/m zondag 4 december 2016. Aan boord zie je hoe Sinterklaas en zijn pieten wonen en werken en je kunt Sinterklaas ontmoeten in zijn werkkamer. Om mee te doen aan deze winactie gelden 2 voorwaarden: Like de facebookpagina van City Guide Rotterdam en share dit bericht op Feacbook. De winnaars worden een week van tevoren bekend gemaakt. Niet gewonnen, dan niet getreurd: alle deelnemers aan deze actie krijgen sowieso een kortingscode voor 20% korting op online kinderkaartjes. Stuur ons hiervoor een e-mail aan info@rotterdamcitypromotion.com

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  • DATES Sinterklaas in Rotterdam 2016

    Sinterklaas in Rotterdam

    Sinterklaas Parade Rotterdam
    Sinterklaas arrives in Rotterdam at Willemsplein on Saturday 12 November 2016 at noon. After a Sinterklaas Party the parade tours through Rotterdam and ends with a big show at Grotekerkplein which starts at 3:25pm.

    Open House Sinterklaas Boat
    Pakjesboot 12 is open from Wednesday 30 November until Sunday 4 December 2016.

  • PARKING Sinterklaas in Rotterdam

    Arrival of Sinterklaas Steamer in Rotterdam by public transport
    Sinterklaas will arrive at Willemskade which is located next to Rotterdam's landmark the Erasmus bridge within the city centre. From Rotterdam Central Station, get there by taking tram 7 and stop at Willemsplein or by metro to Leuvehaven. To travel by public transport in Rotterdam you must purchase a travel chip card first. Plan your trip with the public transport planning site www.9292.nl. It's free of charge.

    Parking near Sinterklaas' Boat arrival in Rotterdam
    If you come by car you can park your car in the Erasmus parking. Please check our page about parking in Rotterdam for more information.

  • CONTACT Sinterklaas in Rotterdam

    Sinterklaas in Rotterdam
    Website: www.sinterklaasintocht.nl
    Website: www.pakjesboot.nl
    E-Mail: info@sinterklaasintocht.nl
    E-mail: info@pakjesboot.nl

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