Shopping Tour Rotterdam city centre


Shopping Tour Rotterdam City Center: open 7 days per week!

Shopping in Rotterdam's city centre basically takes place between Rotterdam Central Station and Rotterdam Blaak train station. There are many shopping areas in Rotterdam city centre with the Lijnbaan as the most famous one. You can shop until you drop for hours and if you follow this Rotterdam shopping route below you won't miss the best stores!

Shops at Market Hall Rotterdam

The shopping tour starts in the Blaak area in Rotterdam. The Market Hall in Rotterdam offers many F&B stalls with a roof top terrace and many stores, such as Cooking Shop Habitas. Keep the Market Hall on your left hand side and from the Rotterdam Library you cross the big Rotterdam Market square called Binnenrotte to Hoogstraat. Drink Rotterdam's award winning cup of coffee at Bagels and Beans (Hoogstraat 129b).

Shopping at Hoogstraat Rotterdam

If you are looking for body care and health products have a look at Sabon (Hoogstraat 197). Buy a package of typical Dutch sugar waffles at Markus' Booth at Hoogstraat. Sport2000 has a huge collection of Adidas sneakers (Hoogstraat 181). Visit the Canadian department store Hudson's Bay not only for their wide variety of goods but also for their roof top terrace La Place that offers a good lunch with a nice view on the city center (Hoogstraat 185). In the same building Saks Off 5th is located, the outlet store of the American department store Saks 5th Avenue with a big collection of designer brands with huge discounts. Hoogstraat leads to Beursplein,  but first you van make a small shopping detour to Korte Hoogstraat and Rodezand.

Shops at Korte Hoogstraat and Rodezand Rotterdam

Make a short detour from Hoogstraat (abeam Peek & Cloppenburg) and enter Korte Hoogstraat to the left. Tourists in Rotterdam shop for Rotterdam 010Casuals sweaters at Benscore (Korte Hoogstraat 7-9). For alternative clothing have a look at Funkie House (Korte Hoogstraat 15a) or for cosy kitchen decoration at Dille & Kamille (Korte Hoogstraat 22). Also Flow Wonen (Korte Hoogstraat 11-13) is great for home decoration. Make a short detour from Hoogstraat to your right for affordable men's suit at Suitsupply (Rodezand 9-13). Now walk back to Hoogstraat, which leads you to the Beursplein in Rotterdam.

Shopping at Beursplein Rotterdam

Stroll around at Beursplein (left of the stairs) which is marked by the huge green coloured World Trade Center Rotterdam. Rotterdam Beursplein is dominated by some big flagship stores, such as Zara and Monki and if you  walk through Weekday you'll enter the Netherlands biggest H&M. For stylish shoes cross Beursplein and have a look at Dungelmann (Beursplein 19). If you need a coffee or lunch break, enjoy the sights and sounds of Rotterdam at Staal café (Beursplein 33). Now it's time to descend the lazy stairs into the Beurstraverse.

Beurstraverse Underpass shops

Beurstraverse is also called the not so flattering 'Koopgoot' by the Dutch meaning 'Shopping Gutter'. The Beurstraverse underpasses Rotterdam's most expensive street Coolsingel. There are all kinds of retailers in Beurstraverse, such as Douglas perfumery, personal care products at l'Occitane Rotterdam and many fashion shops like Forever 21, America Today, Lacoste and Vanilia. If you are looking for a no nonsense department store with excellent value for money have a look at Hema. If you're looking for a gift shop, don't miss KKEC. The Belgian Chocolate at Leonidas is a sweet gift as well. Ascending the stairs from Beurstraverse you see the famous and classy department store De Bijenkorf Rotterdam at your right hand side. Now enter the Lijnbaan to your left at River Island (Lijnbaan 101). This short stretch of Lijnbaan will lead via Hollister Rotterdam for American surf style apparel (Lijnbaan 102b) and the Apple retailer Amac Rotterdam (Lijnbaan 106) to Binnenwegplein.

Eat French fries at Binnenwegplein Rotterdam

The biggest shop at Binnenwegplein in Rotterdam is Media Markt. At giftshop Flying Tiger (Binnenwegplein 8) you'll find all sorts of original gadgets. Your visit to Rotterdam isn't complete without having tried Bram Ladage's famous home made French fries. Try 'patatje oorlog', which is French fries with mayonnaise and peanut butter sauce. (Beursplein 24). Don't miss Sevenply (Binnenwegplein 20c), the ultimate store for skaters. Continue this shopping tour and cross Karel Doormanstraat to Oude Binnenweg Rotterdam.

Shops at Oude Binnenweg Rotterdam

Leave Binnenwegplein and cross Karel Doormanstraat (direction Kentucky Fried Chicken) to make a short detour to Oude Binnenweg. Sissy Boy (Oude Binnenweg 32) is located directly at the corner with men and women fashion and Sissy-Boy Homeland for quite expensive home decoration. The British brand Superdry (Oude Binnenweg 113) is a label inspired by American and Japanese fashion fusion. Vans (Oude Binnenweg 52) is the ultimate brand store for skaters. Bever is a great shop for outdoor sports and is located at Oude Binnenweg 122. Drink a draft beer at the 125 year old café Melief Bender (Oude Binnenweg 134b). Also the Vanilia outlet store (Oude Binnenweg 132) is located here. At the end of Oude Binnenweg you'll see Emporio Armani Rotterdam at 137. Now walk back to Karel Doormanstraat.

Exclusive shops at Van Oldenbarneveltstraat Rotterdam

Returning from Oude Binnenweg, enter Karel Doormanstraat to the left at juweler Brunott (Oude Binnenweg 45). After a 300 meter walk at Karel Doormanstraat, enter the side street Van Oldenbarneveltstraat at your left hand side. Van Oldenbarneveltstraat Rotterdam offers many unique, and more intimate shops. Wendela van Dijk (van Oldenbarneveltstraat 105) is a one shop stop for ladies designer labels. Don't forget to have a look at Filipa K (Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 95). The Mostert & Van Leeuwen store (Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 129) offers both fashion and cosmetics. Zomers Bloemen (Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 144) is greater Rotterdam's prettiest flower shop without a doubt. Noppies Rotterdam (Mauritsweg 37) for maternity and kids fashion is located at the end of Van Oldenbarneveltstraat. Now walk back to Karel Doormanstraat. Continue this shopping route and walk to Rotterdam Central Station by keeping Theatre De Doelen and the huge Pathé Schouwburgplein movie theatre on your left hand side.


High end shops at Kruiskade Rotterdam

From Rotterdam Central Station, cross Weena square and enter the little shopping mall Central Plaza left of the Marriott Rotterdam to have a look at the Coccinelle stores (Plaza 12 en 20). Coccinelle offers an exclusive collectiion of both shoes and kids apparel. Restaurant Vapiano Rotterdam is also located at Central Plaza Rotterdam. Leave the Central Plaza Mall, cross Karel Doormanstraat and enter Kruiskade at Juweler Schaap en Citroen. Kruiskade is home of some Rotterdam's most exclusive shops. Shoebaloo (Kruiskade 57c) is a quite expensive but unquestionably Rotterdam's trendiest shoe shop. The Oger's (Kruiskade 63-65) classy store is the number one address in Rotterdam for Italian labeled men's business suits, shirts and ties. A big Hugo Boss flagship store with men and women clothing, shoes and bags is located at Kruiskade 57b. Kruiskade also offers Michael Kors (Kruiskade 62-64) and Tommy Hilfiger (Kruiskade 57b). Kruiskade leads you to Rotterdam's main shopping street Lijnbaan.

The famous Lijnbaan Rotterdam shopping area

Walking down Kruiskade turn right to Lijnbaan, easily recognized by the huge and trendy clothing store of the Spanish label Bershka (Lijnbaan 52). Lijnbaan is the mother of all shopping streets in Rotterdam with many flagship stores. After a 50 meters walk, make a short shopping detour to the right into Korte Lijnbaan (opposite to Stadhuisplein). The London City Club Rotterdam (Korte Lijnbaan 5) has a nice collection of both sporty polo's and classic college wear. Korte Lijnbaan also offers Oqium Sneakers and Men at Work (Korte Lijnbaan 17) for cool jeans. Now walk back and turn right at Pull & Bear (Lijnbaan 54a) to Lijnbaan. Try the delicious triangle shaped sandwiches 'Bartjes' at Bart's Bakery (Lijnbaan 67). Aspact (Lijnbaan 56-58) offers trendy sneakers. Donna Guy (Lijnbaan 58) is the place to be for Paris Hilton wannabes with expensive trademarks like Moncler. Half way Lijnbaan, abeam the the sneakers and streetwear shop Snipes (Lijnbaan 72), you turn to right and enter Aert van Nessstraat.

Aert van Nesstraat Rotterdam shops

Farfalla (Aert van Nesstraat 54) for boutique women's fashion and Buddha to Buddha quality bijous. Rotterdam's well known shoe store Van den Assem (Aert van Nesstraat 38) has a vast choice of smart Italian footwear for both men and women and a wide range of UGG boots. To continue the shopping route walk down Aert van Nesstraat into the direction of Coolsingel to enter the Meent shopping area. On your left hand side you'll see the huge men's business suit outfitter Aert (Aert van Nesstraat 25). After crossing the busy Coolsingel, the Aert van Nesstraat leads you directly to Meent, easily recognizable by Rotterdam's majestic town hall and the McDonald's fast food restaurant on the left and Daka Sports on the right.


Meent Rotterdam shopping area

Coolsingel's side street Meent is a Rotterdam's cultural street, where you won't find any mainstream stores. Prego (Meent 118) offers every day but stylish clothing. Drink a coffee or a wine at the trendy Winebar 1NUL8. Have the best apple pie in town at Dudok (Meent 88), located in a Bauhaus-style café where the cultural and business scenes meet. Young and old take it easy here and read their daily news paper sipping their coffee. The delicious apple pie is also available for takeaway in their bakery next door (Westewagenstraat 52). Find sophisticated girl fashion at SuperTrash (Meent 85a) the shop that is run by the Turkish Olcay Gulsen. For delicious and unique chocolate gifts like tulips, hearts and lollypops, you have to walk in at De Bonte Koe (Delftsevaart 26). Ventidue (Meent 89) has a nice female fashion collection. The shops of Zola and Zola Male (Meent 60 and 73a) offer trendy leisure wear. In summer people are lining up for Rotterdam's award winning Italian ice cream at De IJssalon (Meent 69a), where a unique Harley Davidson bike with an ice side car is parked in front of their café. Continue the shopping tour and enter Pannekoekstraat to the right at Coffee Company Rotterdam Meent.

Pannekoekstraat Rotterdam shops

From Meent, enter Pannekoekstraat to the right. This street is named after Pancake restaurant Dutch Diner (Meent 20), where many sorts of pancakes have been served for decades. At Fleur (Pannekoekstraat 56a) you will find femal high-fashion and trendy footwear. If you're interested in ultra-modern interior design, don't miss Depot Rotterdam (Pannekoekstraat 66a). Have a shopping break at café Pierre's outdoor terrace (Pannekoekstraat 38a). Their concept is easy: excellent coffee, excellent lunch and dinner for an excellent price. Don't miss the Bohemian boutique by the two Jibodh-brothers at Pannekoekstraat 48a. Level (Pannekoekstraat 76a) is a nice cocktail bar where you could begin your night out. At Pannekoekstraat abeam Tapasbar Barcelona and Bokaal Rotterdam, turn right to Nieuwemarkt and left to Botersloot. Botersloot leads you back to the Rotterdam Market Hall area.

Clearance and parking in Rotterdam city centre

Avoid visiting the city center at Sunday afternoon by car as it can be quite a problem to find a parking place! Season's clearance tends to start a bit earlier in the Netherlands than in other European countries: Summer Sale from mid June and Winter Sale from mid December. The day after Thanksgiving in November it's Black Friday in Rotterdam with lots of shops offering huge discounts and late night shopping.

More shopping in Rotterdam?

Haven't you finished shopping yet? Fashion victims can follow the complete Shopping Tour through Rotterdam city centre! A rainy day? Visit the Zuidplein Mall or Alexandrium Mall!

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